Advantages of Using the Butaphalt® and EnviroVulc Product Line:

The Butaphalt® and EnviroVulc PMA Cross-Linking product line will have a positive effect on all or some of the following depending upon related formula component selection;

     -Defining Cross-Link Chemistry is Based Upon Phenolic Resins

     -Improve Hot Storage Stability of PMA against Drift in Product Test Values   

     -Hold or Limit Drift of Product Test Values During Hot / Cold Cycling of Product Due to  Seasonal or Weather Conditions

     -Reduce or eliminate separation of Polymer (SBS)

     -Lower BBR Values in Performance Grade (PG) Testing

     -Lower Phase Angle in Performance Grade (PG) Testing

     -Increase or Hold DSR Values in Performance Grade (PG) Testing

     -Resists Gelling During Critical Process Stages and in Hot Storage

     -Generally Lowers Polymer Requirements to Those Formulas Not Using

     -Butaphalt® and EnviroVulc Improves Emulsion Viscosity to Residue Relationship – Higher Viscosity at Residue

     -Has Been Shown to Increase Demulsibility in High Float Rapid Set Emulsions

     -Lower Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Generation Than Conventional  Sulfur. 

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