As a result of an ever expanding portfolio of products under the Asphalt Products, LLC banner, it became necessary for new companies to evolve.  With this necessity in mind, Asphalt Products, LLC ceased business activity in 2017 and three new companies were formed.  Formed in May 2017, ButaMix, LLC is registered as an Oklahoma Limited Liability Company.  ButaMix, LLC is charged with marketing advanced mixing technologies into the asphalt / bitumen industry.


ButaMix, LLC is the home of the new mixing technology based upon the patented development of the ButaBlade.  This advanced mixing blade gave rise to two new, highly efficient, low cost mixing devices for Polymer Modified Asphalt (“PMA”) production.  These two new mixing devices are known as the:  1) ButaMill, an “in-line” mixing device and; 2) JetMill, an “in-tank” mixing device.  Both new mixing apparatus utilize the ButaBlade.


Both the ButaMill and the JetMill can be post added to existing PMA production equipment.  Either one or both can also be incorporated into new construction.  In general, the use of either unit will reduce SBS melt times by about twenty (20) to fifty (50) percent from conventional methods used today.  Based on results in the lab and in the field, this results in tremendous process cost savings for the PMA producer.


The ButaMill can be placed in any convenient location in line as most any other polymer mill.  The JetMill is an in-tank replacement for top mounted mixers that are common in PMA process tanks.  The JetMill incorporates the use of a specially designed and patented stator that surrounds the ButaBlade.  Both offer lower initial capitol expense and faster rebuild than conventional high shear mill.


In addition to polymer mills, ButaMix, LLC has equipment for adding dry materials into asphalt or bitumen.  Specifically, when using the ButaMix Wetting Tank, SBS can be added at a rate up to about eighty (80) pounds per minute.  Typical addition rates for SBS addition to asphalt are around thirty-five (35) pounds per minute.


ButaMix has the ability to customize and help make your PMA plant run more efficient cost effectively and safer.


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