The Butaphalt® product line of Cross-Linking Agents (the Butaphalt® CLA’s) were originally developed under the company name of Asphalt Technology & Consulting, Incorporated (ATC on 21Nov90 as an “S” corporation in Oklahoma by Dennis Krivohlavek). Butaphalt® CLA’s and all products developed and patented by ATC were marketed by Tex-Par Energy of Waukesha, Wisconsin. In 2006, Tex-Par sold the asphalt marketing related potion of their business to SemGroup of Tulsa, Oklahoma. SemGroup, under its SemMaterials spanision, operated the marketing of ATC’s technology until 2009. In 2009, SemGroup’s operating asphalt marketing expansion, SemMaterials, released all rights to market the technology developed under Asphalt Technology & Consulting. By this action, Dennis Krivohlavek, as owner of the technology upon which Butaphalt® is based, regained marketing rights to the technology.


With the marketing rights of the technology, along with the technology itself, a new company, Asphalt Products, LLC, was formed by Dennis Krivohlavek on 13 March 2009 as an Oklahoma Company. In 2017, with the development of other companies, ButaPhalt® Products, LLC became its own company, in 2017. The objective of ButaPhalt® Products, LLC is to continue marketing and development of products for the asphalt and bitumen industry. With this objective in mind, the Butaphalt® line has recently expanded our product line with a new cost effective line, EnviroVulc!. In addition to the Butaphalt® and EnviroVulc CLA’s, ButaPhalt® Products also performs custom packaging of proprietary CLA formulations for customers.


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