As a result of an ever expanding portfolio of products under the Asphalt Products, LLC banner, it became necessary for new companies to evolve.  With this necessity in mind, Asphalt Products, LLC ceased business activity in 2017 and three new companies were formed.  Formed in February 2017, ButChem, LLC is registered as an Oklahoma Limited Liability Company.  ButaChem, LLC is charged with marketing advanced chemical and emulsifier technologies into the asphalt / bitumen industry.


ButaChem, LLC is the home of the new emulsion technology now known as “Mix-in-Place” (a.k.a “MiP”) emulsion technology.  The MiP emulsion allows for one to “Mix” aggregates of either single size (Chip Seal gradations) or typical Hot Mix gradations “in Place” at the job site that will break, set and cure within 60 to 90 minutes.  Based on results in the lab, MiP emulsions allows for the use of either latex or SBS modified emulsion base emulsions to be used.  Further, through the “dry” side, almost unlimited additions of modifiers such as fibers or ground tire may be added.  By these flexible aggregate mixing and modifier additions, MiP emulsion technology is ideally suited for remote road building locations.   Such remote locations are typically not economically or physically possible for typical hot mix applications.


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